Kyle Newman (Vocals) 

Kyle has been singing all her life in some way or other but really began in her early twenties; she now feels very lucky to be doing it full-time (there is a link to Kyle's website on the 'Links' page). Kyle sings therapeutically with vulnerable adults during the day and is also partially employed by The Alzheimer's Society as a 'Singing For The Brain' leader in Leicestershire where she is very proud to lead three regular groups.

Performing many styles from classical right through to contemporary, Kyle performs as a soloist for many weddings and private events, and with other musicians in duos. She has provided backing vocals for various recordings and is extremely interested in all techniques and styles of singing and vocalising which she sometimes passes on through teaching. Fallen is Kyle's 'not guilty at all' pleasure! 


Tom Malin (Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

Tom originally joined Fallen on drums but when the opportunity arose for a re-shuffle he elected to switch to his first love of playing guitar. 


Jason Battershill (Lead & Rhythm Guitar)

Jason has been playing guitar since the age of six. He was brought up by a very musical father and listened to bands such as Pink Floyd, Genesis and Deep Purple from a very young age. He has been in many bands throughout his youth and has played at various places around the country. His previous band released a single which was the lead soundtrack to a UK film called Crying Wolf. Jason is massively influenced by two specific guitarists; David Gilmour from Pink Floyd and John Petrucci from Dream Theater. They have inspired him to learn very progressive styles of music but with accuracy and good-sounding tones. He has also been teaching guitar on and off to students for around six years. His main love of guitars lie with PRS Custom 24s and various Fenders which he uses on a day to day basis.


Ben McIlvenna (Drums, Percussion & Programming)

Ben is the guy on the drum riser at the back who hits things very loudly. He breaks a lot of sticks. He's also in charge of our unseen electronic bandmate, Mac, providing all those synthy noises and vocal overlays. Ben's drum rack is mighty and he's personally designed and built some of his kit, including his snare drum (which, incidentally, is Evanescence themed and really rather beautiful). Ben's musical tastes range from cheesy eighties to of course rock and metal. 






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