Kyle Newman (Vocals) 

Kyle has been singing all her life in some way or other but really began in her early twenties; she now feels very lucky to be doing it full-time (there is a link to Kyle's website on the 'Links' page). Kyle sings therapeutically with vulnerable adults during the day and is also partially employed by The Alzheimer's Society as a 'Singing For The Brain' leader in Leicestershire where she is very proud to lead three regular groups.

Performing many styles from classical right through to contemporary, Kyle performs as a soloist for many weddings and private events, and with other musicians in duos. She has provided backing vocals for various recordings and is extremely interested in all techniques and styles of singing and vocalising which she sometimes passes on through teaching. Fallen is Kyle's 'not guilty at all' pleasure! 


Tom Malin (Guitar)

Tom has been with Fallen from almost the very start. He has a love of buying guitars and gear so Fallen gives him an excellent excuse to pursue that. His love has always been for bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden, however the tribute scene is saturated with those bands. Daring to be different Fallen is the place to be for those that want to stand out from the crowd.


Jim Steele (Keyboards & Programming)

Jim has made music an integral part of his life from an early age. Having formed and played as a guitarist in a number of rock bands with school friends and moving on to study music production at college, Jim progressed to play keyboards with a successful South Wales based function band. This grounding stood him in good stead for a four year stint with a popular and very busy wedding band and also a number of tribute acts. Jim has no specific influences but loves good music, whatever genre that might be.


Keith Phillips (Bass Guitar)

Keith learnt to play guitar at the age of twelve but switched to playing bass guitar when he joined a covers band in his teens. He has played bass guitar ever since and has been in numerous bands over the years, including a Jimi Hendrix and Cream tribute band when he lived in North Wales between 2001 and 2011 (in which he also sang lead vocals).

Keith is the founder of Fallen. He moved to Derby in October 2011 and immediately applied to join a local covers band who were looking for a bass player. He was given three songs to learn for his audition, one of which was Call Me When You're Sober. Keith had never heard any Evanescence music before but was instantly hooked, and although he passed the audition and joined the covers band the idea of forming an Evanescence tribute wouldn't go away. This came to fruition in early 2013 when suitable musicians were recruited and the first rehearsal session was held at The Loft in Long Eaton. There have been many personnel changes since that first rehearsal session and apart from Keith none of the original musicians are still in the band. 

Keith's love of Evanescence's music has led to him to enjoying listening to, and being influenced by, other female-fronted bands with a similar sound, such as Within Temptation, Nightwish, Delain, Lacuna Coil and Amaranth.     





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